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01. Land/Lot Sales

With the increased development seen around the city as of late, it should come as no surprise that vacant land and lots that are quite scarce and tend to sell quickly to the prominent builders in the city. Fortunately, AMRIK has developed exclusive agreements with many large developers in the city and are able to provide you with lots that would otherwise not be available to the public. We typically work with all zones of land within the city and  quite often have parcels of land readily available to build. We are also able to source land specific to your needs that would otherwise not be available to you.


02. Investments

In the past decade, Alberta has experienced a massive swing in commodity prices. However, this fluctuation also presents many undervalued investment opportunities that can be capitalized upon, refurbished, enhanced and sold. Through timely, thorough, and strategic investment planning, AMRIK Developments creates investor value by seeing potential well before it’s apparent. This results in high profit margins, low risk and good cash flow.


03. Development and Construction

Our services in Real Estate Development & Construction team can advise clients on all aspects of real estate developments, re-developments and construction projects. We can offer extensive experience in acquisition, financing, construction, deal construction  and the execution of sales to end users.


Latest Projects

Allard Residential lots

Facilitated the transaction for residential lots located in southwest Edmonton. This was acquired and now being constructed.

Charlesworth subdivision

Acquisiton of 100+ lots

McConachie subdivision

Acquisition of 100+ lots.

Hawksridge Residential lots

Facilitated the transaction for residential lots that were in receivership. (Consulting)

Aristocrat Apartments

23 unit apartment located at 10719 110 Street – Edmonton, Alberta

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About Amrik


Mission Statement

It’s our commitment to you

AMRIK Developments’ exclusive mission is to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with investors based on integrity, transparency and honesty. As such, we are passionately committed to ensuring our partners realize the best potential ROI by focusing on strategic, well researched, and timely acquisitions.


Value Enhancement

AMRIK Developments is focused on enhancing value. Situations with potentially strong value enhancement may include:

  • Projects that present potential for significant capital appreciation, while supplementing returns with current cash flow
  • Properties that have suffered from inadequate capitalization, mismanagement, neglect, and poor leasing strategies
  • Existing assets requiring renovation, repositioning, and rezoning
  • Access to real estate through the acquisition of foreclosures, debt and equity interests owned by banks or private lenders

What Partners Have To Say

Allan Bleiken

Chair, Sunrise Park Committee

“After a difficult 16-year development history within Sunrise Park, Amrik Developments acquired the unfinished property and set out to resolve and complete the site. On several occasions, AMRIK volunteered to go above and beyond to address and resolve construction issues created by the former developer. As the chairman of the Committee, I would have no hesitation in recommending Amrik Developments as a residential builder and contractor. Overall, our relationship was professional and effective, and I wish to express my personal gratitude to AMRIK for their cooperation and willingness to resolve the many issues within Sunrise Park.”

Parmjit Sanghera

12350 Patullo Place

“I would like to offer my full and unwavering recommendation of AMRIK as a real estate partner. In 2011, they purchased 9 units in a building that went into foreclosure (I had an investment of $760,000 in this building since 2007). I was set to lose my entire investment until he stepped in. With sharp negotiation tactics on numerous fronts, AMRIK was able to recover 97% of my investment. After everything they have done for me, I would be remiss if I did not fully endorse his value as a partner to others who could benefit from their proficiency. They are unquestionably a strong asset to any investment team, especially when dealing with unordinary circumstances and in situations where the odds are stacked against them.”

Colliers Multifamily Team

“The Colliers Multifamily Team based in Edmonton has worked with AMRIK on many deals throughout the years. They have always shown supreme dedication, due care, and thorough commitment in our dealings. Even amidst complications, they always ensures a win-win for all individuals invested in the transaction. Three particular dealings come to mind (Amrik Apartments, Steven Manor, Fortune Apartments) where their work and diligence was truly instrumental to all parties involved. We have no hesitation in recommending AMRIK as a partner, as they brings a wealth of knowledge and broad experience that ultimately becomes a paramount asset to any group looking to make the most out of their investment.”

Amrik Team


Romeo Deol


Harpreet Singh

Executive Legal

Tabatha Sangster

Amrik Partners