AMRIK History

Our inspiration comes from within

Founded in 2008, AMRIK Developments was created as an answer to the evolving and unpredictable real estate market Alberta has experienced over the last 10 years. Named in honor of our late paternal grandfather, Amrik Singh, AMRIK Developments, like its namesake, seeks to embody leadership, credibility and strength in everything we do. This same philosophy stems from the name Singh (derived from the Sanskrit word for lion), which provided inspiration for our logo design.

Mission Statement

It’s our commitment to you

AMRIK Developments’ exclusive mission is to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with investors based on integrity, transparency and honesty. As such, we are passionately committed to ensuring our partners realize the best potential ROI by focusing on strategic, well researched, and timely acquisitions.

Value Enhancement

AMRIK Developments is focused on enhancing value. Situations with potentially strong value enhancement may include:

  • Projects that present potential for significant capital appreciation, while supplementing returns with current cash flow
  • Properties that have suffered from inadequate capitalization, mismanagement, neglect, and poor leasing strategies
  • Existing assets requiring renovation, repositioning, and rezoning
  • Access to real estate through the acquisition of foreclosures, debt and equity interests owned by banks or private lenders

Our Competitive Advantage

What makes us different? AMRIK Developments places unparalleled concentration on getting returns based on our unique skills, breadth of experience in dynamic market conditions, strong network of industry resources and a commitment to seek out new projects every day.