The right people make all the difference.

The AMRIK team takes great pride in the unique experience gained from years of creating strategic investment opportunities in a dynamic and ever-changing market. With unparalleled focus on returns, a strong industry network and a dedication to constantly search out new investment opportunities, you can count on AMRIK Developments for all your real estate investment needs.



Harpreet Singh founded AMRIK in 2008 with the vision to capitalize on opportunities in Alberta’s dynamic real estate market. His days are always packed as he continues to meet with builders, developers and investors to continuously grow the AMRIK portfolio and provide innovative solutions for those affected by the challenges of distressed real estate.

Harpreet’s favourite thing about the real estate industry is that it is always leverageable. With real estate your assets are under your control and can’t just disappear overnight, unlike an investment in the stock market. Because real estate is indestructible it has proven to provide the highest level of returns, the most value and the least amount of risk.

His motto of “attack the day before it attacks you” means Harpreet rarely sleeps past 7am, even on weekends or vacation. In his spare time Harpreet enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors with his daughter and advocating for the importance of mental health support.

“Nana korobi, ya oki. Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


Director of Operations and Sales

Romeo graduated from the University of Calgary as an Electrical Engineer in 2015. After a short time working on electrical system integration for large buildings, Romeo decided to follow his passion and transitioned into the real estate industry.

Leveraging his love for math, physics and finance Romeo dove head first into all things real estate. Using his previous experience to build strong industry relationships and grow his real estate knowledge, Romeo still feels just as passionate about real estate as he did in 2016.

Romeo spends his free time with family and close friends and loves to connect with people over a great meal. He makes travel a priority and is always ready for his next family vacation.

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try” – Alexander the Great



Anmol’s passion for the real estate industry comes from a desire to meet new people and foster an environment for learning. With a degree in Accounting and Finance Anmol likes to focus on real estate opportunities that create growth for AMRIK and our investors.

When Anmol is not working he stays active by playing sports and biking, and he keeps up to date on industry development and changes through a focus on media releases.

“What comes easy won’t last, and what lasts won’t come easy” – Anonymous