Years of expertise in consultation and mediation means each transaction managed by AMRIK runs smoothly and efficiently; and AMRIK’s commitment to the client experience helps create genuine and heartfelt interactions for all parties involved.


Over the years AMRIK has created a strategic portfolio through diverse real estate investments. Our focus on multi-family real estate, along with commercial and industrial acquisitions, has positioned AMRIK as a leader in the development industry in Edmonton.

Residential Lot Sales

With the increase of development in Edmonton and the surrounding area, it comes as no surprise that vacant land and lots are becoming more scarce and often are sold to prominent builders before even becoming available to the public. 

Because of AMRIK’s excellent standing in the building and development industry, we have  secured exclusive agreements with many large developers within the city, allowing us to have parcels of land readily available for development. On top of our extensive portfolio, the relationship that AMRIK has built with these developers means we can source any land specific to your needs and access land available outside of the public market.


Over the past decade Alberta has experienced a massive swing in commodity prices. These fluctuations create undervalued real estate investment opportunities that AMRIK capitalizes on through enhancements or refurbishments, and then sells. AMRIK’s experience allows us to see hidden potential in a variety of real estate projects and create strategic investment plans, resulting in high profit margins, low risk and positive cash flow.  With ties deeply rooted in Edmonton, AMRIK has personally witnessed the ebb and flow of Alberta’s economic structure. This experience of living, working and investing in Alberta’s economy has given AMRIK critical insight to the real estate market and allows for the strategic investing and economic forecasting that is crucial to ensuring financial success for current and future projects.

Development &

AMRIK’s team comes with extensive experience in acquisitions, financing, construction and execution of sales to end users. We advise clients through all aspects of real estate developments, re-developments and construction projects. This advice also extends to matters of procurement methods, deal construction, subcontracting, and risk allocation. The AMRIK team has a strong contracting background which allows support through zoning entitlements, planning reviews, appeals and judicial reviews. Transactions, valuations, development and construction and distressed assets can be thoroughly explained by our team of experts, meaning clients feel confident in their investment decisions.


AMRIK Developments’ exclusive mission is to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with investors based on integrity, transparency and honesty. As such, we are passionately committed to ensuring our partners realize the best potential ROI by focusing on strategic, well researched and timely acquisitions.