AMRIK, an Alberta Real Estate Company, Opens Doors to Better Experiences for Buyers and Investors

Innovation, intelligence, and integrity are common themes among those who know and work with AMRIK. Ordinary, however, isn’t even on the radar.

Their mission of creating wealth and lowering risk says it all, and this company is willing to lead the way in everything they do as they carry on the legacy of the company’s namesake. 

AMRIK opens up about their signature method for helping clients, investors, and even fellow developers and builders make the most of their real estate ventures.

Turning the process of real estate investment into a science, and an art

So many real estate transactions come as a reaction to current trends, and while that can be effective for those who are prepared to move quickly, AMRIK believes in looking farther ahead to create true value for buyers and investors. In their own portfolio, as well as in their work with investors, each property or project is carefully assessed to allow for optimal long-term value and returns. There are three key areas they recommend focusing on when evaluating investment properties.

Price vs. Value

The old adage, buy low sell high has merit, and price is certainly important when looking at a new project or property. The AMRIK strategy also considers the value, and that can be a different conversation. Economics, demographics, and psychographics create a comprehensive picture of the immediate and future value, which is great for investors – each venture has been pre-vetted to ensure success.

Market Conditions

In real estate, there is a huge focus on the current market. AMRIK is setting the tone in expanding this viewpoint to include past trends and future forecasts, which provides a higher level of certainty when looking at the most opportune time to buy or sell investments. They also work with their partners to look for projects that will stand up well to the ebb and flow of market conditions, and plan purchasing, development, and marketing around those highs and lows.

Future Planning

Municipalities plan far ahead to accommodate the population growth, and lifestyle enhancement of their citizens. AMRIK experts emphasize how staying updated on these trends allows them to turn their clients onto investment areas that might otherwise be overlooked in a typical search. This is also a tactic that allows them to select holding properties and plan projects in their own portfolio well ahead of time for the highest impact.

Collaboration is the key to matching clients and investors with their dream builder

The AMRIK team believes we are better together, and that’s why they have formed partnerships with an array of talented and experienced builders, all with their own unique style. This innovative business model allows them to offer something for every aesthetic, as well as ensure every client receives the highest level of customer service and quality construction techniques. It’s a format they highly recommend potential investors and buyers look for to find qualified, reputable, and skilled contractors and builders.

An AMRIK project is handled by a team of expert advisors, who outline the process, considerations, risks, and requirements of each unique build. Clients also have access to specialists in real estate sales and contract negotiation, construction planning and procurement, and valuations and marketing. In short, from acquisition to resale, AMRIK wants every client to feel they are in great hands.

Starting at lot selection, strong relationships offer a streamlined real estate journey

AMRIK proves they like to do things just a bit differently. 

If you were to ask the founders what is most important to building a business, they would absolutely tell you that it’s relationships, and that collaboration over competition just makes good business sense. To that end, they have formed exclusive partnerships with several Edmonton area developers. What does that mean for clients and investors?

The simple answer: selection. While most developers lock down choice lots to create demand, AMRIK not only matches clients with properties in their own portfolio – they act as a concierge service, offering access to even publicly unavailable real estate across various zonings. 

As the world of real estate continues to change at a breakneck pace while at the same time seeming sometimes to be frozen a way of doing business from the past; it’s refreshing to see companies working hard to spark new methodologies and mindsets that can keep up with the world of today, build the sense of community our society needs, and help individuals lower their risk while they create wealth.