Condo Deconversion Tips & Tricks

Location – Location, location, location! Review the neighbourhood, understand the key demographics, and get a feel for the community.  

Timing  – Determine when the units in the building were originally purchased. Research and understand how long the individual units have been owned for. This will help guide your decision on price. 

Price – Use the categories listed above along with external market data, to determine an appropriate and economical price point for each unit. 

Building Condition – Investigate the age and condition of the building with a team of experts to ensure there are no fundamental issues that would be costly to repair. 

Current Rent Roll – Compare the owner-occupied units to various stabilized buildings in the vicinity to ensure positive cash flow. It is important to understand what individual units are selling for compared to entire buildings in the same area. 


Condo Deconversion requires a heavy cash injection upfront, but once the building is stabilized, you have an undervalued asset with great potential upside.